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Dear Bungivision....Community Demand List! Listen Up Guardians Make A Choice!

yes! These are not Wishes.


No! Thanks but I like to Trust in Wishes.


Dear Bungivision/DEEJ, I do not think you Understand us when we give you feedback. you say you listen and of course you reply ONCE with a a [b]comment most of the time irrelevant to the thread itself.[u] Which in turn provides no actual feedback[/u][/b] for the OP and the community that supported the thread. For you to call the list of things we need [b]IMPLEMENTED[/b] a WISH is very insulting. [quote]As we monitor the conversation that happens on, we notice recurring themes. The list that follows is a reflection of what the players of Destiny have unanimously wished for on many occasions. Please note that this doesn’t represent our To-Do List at Bungie. While we can’t promise that every idea is being worked on, we do want to confirm that you’ve been heard. Our goal is to include you in our process wherever we can. If you’d like to see new items placed on this list, start a New Topic on this Feedback board. Popular opinion matters! Topics that trend on this forum are more powerful than comments on this post. Here are the most frequent community wishes for Destiny: -Transmogrification -Private Crucible Matches -Gun Skins -Guardian Facial Hair -Vault Sorting Options -Crucible Map Voting -Expanding Faction Interaction -Aim Assist Toggle Option -Rotating Stock on Tower Vendors -Dismantle Consumable Items -Additional Matchmaking Options -Weapon Rebalancing[/quote] we need to revise or make a better thread. my idea is a DEMAND LIST. i will give you a Simple list of Demands that you(DEEJ) can report to your bosses about and in turn tell us what is going to be worked on from this list. you say we mold this game into our own legend. then prove it. [b]Demand List: 0) Cinematic Story 1) Optional Match-Making with Settings and in general more options to form groups. 2) A Better Vault Design With Way More Space to Store Equipment. 3)Weapon Balancing 4)More Character Customization Options(not a Few(3) a Bunch).~Gun Skins and Transmogrification are implied. 5)Expand Interaction With not just Vendors but the City Itself (Unlock It) we are Protecting from the Darkness. 6)updates to Aim Assist Toggle, vendor Stock Rotation, Dismantling Consumables, Crucible Map Voting(Private matches). basically the things that should have been with the game release. lol 7) any suggestions Guardians? [/b] this is an example i tried to make most accurate to what is needed in Destiny Since many guardians have spoken out on such Ideas to be implemented. of course if created besides the Demands there will be in Parenthesis "Working on it", "Not workable at the Moment." and "Deciding". this is a very reasonable Thread to Create. [b][u]this way we know what bungivision is working on. and that alone proves you are listening. [/u][/b] OPMM has been asked for since the beginning of Dawn(Destiny) yet you put it at the bottom of the "WISH LIST" and i hope you are reading this with your full attention. [b]these are Not Wishes. They Are Requests that we ESSENTIALLY NEED IN GAME.[/b] since this game was crafted around Group Play there is no reason we should not have Multiple Options of forming groups in game. of course they do not all have to come in at once. you can first work on OPMM with Settings since MM is already in the game. It will take time of course but we have waited 8months+.[b] That time is Finally Here, NOW. [/b] On the other hand Vault Space is very small considering how many weapons there have been in destiny. taking away weapons every Expansion seems to push this issue away for the moment. but players keep past expansion weapons. it adds up. don't be Lazy get Working and expand the Vault Space and make a better design for it. there i no excuse why more customization Options are not in game. or Private matches and Map Voting. did you Literally not look at what players like and don't like in games before development? did you think on the subject? this was what the game was based on, group play and uniqueness. if we wanted clone wars we'd play star wars. simple as that. please fix it. we all know you can but don't want to because of your greed. The Community does so much of your Thinking for you. and in turn you slap us with wishes. we need to see progress. we have waited long enough with your Dilly Dallying. show us your listening with confirmation of what is being worked on. i know many of you guardians are fed up how Bungivision is treating us. we are not fools to be played with for our money we are Light and as Light We have the Right to know what our Speaker(Bungivision) is up to, After all we did spent 100$ so far. we do not have much to show for it. your in the Wrong Bungivision. it is time you cleaned up your own Mess. [b]Guardians! Shine a Light on this Isssue with a Like and a Comment to show Bungivison how we truly feel! it our time Guardians! stand up! [u]"If not Us, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?".[/u][/b] [b]if i missed something Tell me Guardians!![/b]

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