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So, I didn't fully upgrade the Celestial Nighthawk...

Look, I have to say, I really love the aesthetics of the Celestial Nighthawk helmet. I mean, I REALLY love the look of it. I also really hate the fact that I lose 2 Golden Gun shots if I upgrade it fully! So yeah, huh, I was wondering if I'm the only "idiot" that doesn't want to upgrade the helmet because of that? I'm not saying I won't try to get another one and upgrade that one, but for now I'm keeping mine as it is! Oh, and show me your cool looking Guardians, I want to see them! EDIT: I am strictly talking about PvE here. I am aware of the options in PvP. ;) EDIT2: This post is very old. I already got 2 Nighthawks and did exactly as I said I would in the OP. Thanks.

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