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5/31/2015 2:46:45 AM

Depressed, dissapointed, and tired.

Hello Bungie, I realize that this is of no real importance to you as a company but since i began the dark below dlc i have been trying to obtain the vex mythoclast and/or the thorn. I was in full knowledge that this should be a hard accomplishment and at one point i gave up. I started again before the newest dlc came out and i am still trying. I have tried to complete every bounty i could each day with both my high level characters and have also done the vault of glass on hard twice each week. With the introduction of trials of osiris the necessity for this has become even higher due to the massive advantage someone with these weapons has. With this fact being a given i have tried and failed repeatedly to complete the trials flawlessly but there has always been a team with these weapons (vex mythoclast and thorn) that have made this extremely difficult. I have tried and tried to get these and the more i try the more it seems like everyone has these weapons like they are candy but yet after all my attempts to obtain them i have spawned no results. It is blatantly unfair to those players such as i who do not have these extremely over powered weapons and i would greatly appreciate seeing something done about this. The multiplayer winnings are decided by who has these weapons and for players like me, its annoying, tiresome and, quite frankly, depressing. I have reached the point where it seems like i will never have a truly fair experience with your newely released features. I believed this game should be based on skill and fairness not who has the better gun. All i wish for is a fair chance at what everyone seemingly has and done.

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