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6/3/2015 10:33:46 PM

Majority of this community needs to stop making posts

As title says majority of this community have no idea what they are talking about and just complain about damn near every thing. Not a single day without "sell gjallarhorn" or "nerd thorn" posts just because they feel in tilted to it. Not just this but every body thinks they are a language arts teacher *news flash* your (you're ) not so either stop or shut up. Just because you can make a post dose not mean you should make a post. I have a reason to make a post and not just because I have nothing better to do (procrastinating is fun) and their is no reason for any changes unless you have actual reasons for changes. Gladly bungie has made changes that we actually wanted and not just listening to the whinny "people" on their site. So unless you have a productive post or are willing to actually help others and not complain just don't post.

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