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5/31/2015 10:32:28 AM

Overly Difficult Level 35 PoE

So, I absolutely think, as does everyone else I know and met, and even people who have somehow beat the level 35 Prison of Elders, Solas' Revenge, thinks it's way too hard. Bungie went wayyyyy too far, he's easily much much more difficult than Crota and Atheon dare I say combined. Solar Burn isn't that horrible, sure, once Skolas hits you once with his cannon you are either instantly dead, or very close, and the captains are a pain but still, doable. However, it urges players to use wimpy strategies that cheese you through it, such as stun-locking him with Black Hammer, or Icebreaker, or just using weapons of light and shredding him with Gjallarhorn, so Bungie is promoting game breaking strategies basically. Then the Ark burn.... By god, the Ark burn. The vandals two-shot you, the grenades can one shot you, the captain blades as well, you guessed it: One shot you. Dreg pistols arent that horrible, but with that previous list you still get shredded, also, there's not the best assortment of guns to take on Skolas even. There's Patience and Time, Thunderlord, and certain other raid weapons and etc. But he's still stupid hard, Bungie has made this fight in this kind of playstyle: Use cheap strategies and have the utmost perfect weapons and kill him before the mines even spawn practically, thats another thing, the mines. Honestly, it can be done with still, major difficulty if the mines weren't there, but not only is there one but TWO sets of mines, thats ridiculous honestly. The debuff that Skolas gives isn't that bad, honestly, I'm totally okay with that, it even helps promote the guardians to stay close. But honestly, Iv'e never written a forum thing like this before but I had to because this is just too much of a difficulty, I'm just hoping that enough people will agree with this and Destiny might hopefully make this easier. It could be by making things spawn less, no mines or just one set, Less damage from mobs if possible, a buff in the middle of the map, something, anything. But yeah, that should about do it, I hope Destiny tweaks that a tad and makes it a bit easier, Thank you if you read all this, my rant is over, I'm sorry if I somehow posted this incorrectly or something.

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