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5/30/2015 4:25:39 PM

Shared Clan Vault and Gifting

I bought some random glove exotic engrams this week from Xûr with my Motes of Light to see if I could get any decent gloves for my other characters because I use the vault with each of my 3 characters to stack Strange Coins and Motes of Light etc. Unfortunately, I decrypted 2 of the same gloves so yeah, I dismantled 1 of them for an exotic shard and armour material. I game online with my girlfriend who is a member of the clan we have and she was saying she had the same problem, double decryption of the same object. The thing is, what we both dismantled 1 of is something we wish we were was able to get for our own characters. The first mind-fart we had is we wished when you interacted with another character, you could gift items to them i.e. you're running low on ammo, you can give them a primary ammo synth or you need a specific weapon, you can hand them one of yours. It would happen in real war i.e. support troopers carrying an excess of ammo for their teammates or handing someone a spare weapon to use. As we thought forward of this idea, we thought if you weren't able to gift, maybe there could be a shared or clan vault. I've saw posts where people have say like, they have 1 or more of the same weapon and frequently scrap it as it's not needed anymore by any of their other 2 characters be it rare, legendary or exotic but then another clan member is grinding out objectives to get the item to no success. While I know a shared vault would give clans more storage space to make use of, it would be something of a perk to clans to recruit other players if their spare weapons in their vault were available to other clan members. It's in the interest of clans to look after their clan members by helping them with teamwork and ranking up. I find gifting or a shared vault would encourage more teamwork.

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