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Queen's Emissary (Grimoire Card) OCD sucks in this game. And a whole lot of other things better take your time and read this.

Ok so I suffer from a little bit of obsessive compulsive disorder. I play a lot of video games and I mean a lot. Every game that I play I complete everything never had a problem with things similar to the Grimoire Card feature. This game it seems every day there is something I can't do or that is not right. Like for instance getting gear drops post xpac that only go to lvl30 light when clearly I didn't even start playing till after the last xpac. The creators even said it themselves that all the gear and weapons after The Dark Below will reflect the appropriate stats. Which brings me to the next thing I would like to complain about. I am not one to complain at all about things but OMG is it just me that feels this game should have never been released with all the unfinished and unpolished things? How the hell am I suppose to get this card if she is not even in the tower anymore? This ofcourse is just a couple things I have mentioned in this post however I could go on all day I have a list of dozens of things that should have been fixed before this game was even launched but never the less still nothing has been done about it.. So I have continued to play cause the game has such great potential but the cost so far I am well over a hundred dollars in this game now with the cost of the game and the cost of the xpac pass and its not really justified. The content isn't enough to justify the price. So far the house of wolves had better contain a value of content well over 70 bucks to feel a bit satisfied in my [b]what will be called now investment[/b]. It seems ever since game companies have started jumping on the band wagon with the whole expansion crap that they have now started either having the xpac content already produced and ready the time the initial game launches. Expansions if I have to remind you where initially created after a game was released to increase the content of the pre existing game. It wasn't so much a money making tool although money was to be made but rather a way for the game companies to provide a games content with a fresh longer lasting enjoyment for a little bit extra cost. But this isn't the case now days and soon the gamers will rebel and hopefully some drastic changes will go into effect as a result of a major loss in sales and these game companies will start to act morally and respectfully towards their potential customers and provide them a thorough gaming experience for under $70 dollars. Once you all understand that these game companies bank. You have to realize their overhead is very little and their profits are in the BILLIONS.. Not millions but BILLIONS. Do some research and look at it. It is mind blowing. With such kind of profits you had better not have more then X number of screw ups. I see them all day long in this game. Still getting max lvl 30 light gear drops, still unable to collect all the grimoire cards cause the way to get them no longer exists, you got raid boss fights and mechanics glitching out every day, you have no way to easily get grouped for content like raids in a MMO socially designed game LOL, no voice chat channels in the social areas to communicate to get anything done. Everyone has to go online on a computer to recruit to do any of the raid content unless you solo it all like me. No story you fired the story creator and pretty much chopped that all to shit, you have my wife here that will never see light lvl 32 cause she doesn't want to add a hundred people to her psn to try to get into groups for raids and she doesn't care about pvp. You have no way of kicking idle players no way to complete sword of crota bounties without playing the mission on the earth 3 times in a row just to kill a sword of crota. I am tired of typing now or I would go on. I am DONE!

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