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Hablemos de Destiny.
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I went ahead and made videos on lvl 28, 32, 34, and 35 bosses and how me and my team beat them. 34 and 35 is something a lot of my friends and followers said they had trouble with so I thought I'd make an easy guide to beat URROX, THE HATER and Skolas, KENAN of KELLS Links to each video below: [b]*NEW* KILL SKOLAS IN 40 SEC AS A LVL 33[/b] - [u][b]*NEW* LVL 35 GUIDE!!! (3 Hunters)[/b][/u] - [b]Lvl 34 PoE boss: [/b] [b]Lvl 32 PoE boss:[/b] [b]Lvl 28 PoE boss:[/b] [b][u]Thank you guys for viewing this and leaving a LIKE and BUMP really helps other guardians in seeing this! If you want more tutorials and guides including TRIALS OF OSIRIS please help me out by subscribing :) <3 good luck on ALL YOUR UPCOMING AWESOME LOOT!!![/u][/b]

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