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Suggestion - New Bounties, Reverse Strike Playlists.

Hi folks! Today is my Suggestion day - hoping to write down some of the things bouncing around in my head lately. You can find the other post I made today with regards to Future PvE events [url=]here[/url] and another one I made a while back about a Horde-Mode defend "The Wall" game mode [url=]here[/url]. So, [b]Bounties[/b] – as you know, they are getting pretty tired at this point. I’d love to see the following bounties added to the game to give a new sense of [i]urgency[/i] – and reinforce the fact that [i]we are at WAR[/i]! Some of these can tie into new Patrol missions that would need to be added into the game to support them. [b]Kill Bounties: (I’ll use the Fallen, and Earth as the basis for the bounties, but all other enemy types and planets are included)[/b] [b]Thin the Ranks:[/b] Kill 50 Dregs, 25 Vandals, 10 Captains and One Major Servitor. [b]Targeted Aggression:[/b] Perform 10 Target Patrol Missions against Fallen Command on Earth. [b]Roving Bandit:[/b] Use a Fallen Pike to kill 15 Fallen without destroying the Pike. [b]Culling the House:[/b] Retrieve 50 House Colours by killing Fallen from the House of Winter/Kings/Wolves/Devils. [b]Cripple Them: [/b]Hunt down a Baron, an Archon, a Kell and a Prime Servitor. [b]Heavy Armaent:[/b] Destroy a Fallen Walker. [b]Sabotage Bounties: (Here I will use the Hive on the Moon as the example, but all other enemy types and planets are included)[/b] [b]Targeted Demolition:[/b] Place 5 high-explosive charges on key points in the Hellmouth. Then Detonate them. [b]Sabotage:[/b] Destroy 10 Hive Weapons Caches on the Moon. [b]Steal Intelligence:[/b] Hack 5 Hive Terminals deep in the Hellmouth. [b]Be invisible:[/b] Observe Hive battle tactics while remaining undetected. If detected, kill the Hive that found you before it alerts others to your presence. (Perhaps there could be an Alert button they could hit, and you’d need to stop them) [b]Deny them Transport:[/b] Plant 3 explosive charges on a Hive Seeder on the Moon. [b]Wing them:[/b] Destroy 3 anti-ground weapons on a Hive Tombship. [b]Weapon Bounties: (Here I will use the Vex on Venus as the example, but all other enemy types and planets are included)[/b] [b]Become Legend:[/b] Kill a Vex Hobgoblin with a Precision shot from over 2 miles away. [b]Precise:[/b] Precision Kill 25 Vex with Hand Cannons/Pulse Rifles/Scout Rifles. [b]Risk/Reward:[/b] Rapidly kill 5 Vex with Shotguns, 5 times. [b]From the Hip:[/b] Kill 25 Vex From the Hip with Auto Rifles. [b]Shield Disruptor:[/b] Destroy 5 Vex Shields using Fusion Rifles. [b]Heavy Munitions:[/b] Kill 5 Vex rapidly using Heavy Weapons, five times. [b]Time/Travel/Gather Bounties: (Here I will use the Cabal on Mars as the example, but all other enemy types and planets are included)[/b] [b]Sparrow Racer:[/b] Travel from The Barrens to Freehold Station in under 2 minutes, but do not come off your sparrow. [b]Special Delivery: [/b]Steal heavy Cabal Munitions/Research from the Scablands and carry them on foot to a pick-up point. [b]Grand Theft:[/b] Steal a Cabal Interceptor and return it to a pick-up point, undamaged. [b]Keeping up the Cardio:[/b] Travel for 10 miles on foot while on Mars. [b]Scout:[/b] Perform 5 Scouting Patrol Missions on Mars. [b]Supply Runner: [/b]Gather 25 Cabal supply drops for the City on Mars. [b]Material Runner:[/b] Gather 15 Relic Iron for the City on Mars [b]Glimmer Catcher:[/b] Produce 1500 Glimmer for the City while on Mars. [b]Mentor Bounties: (Here I will use Titans as the example, but all three classes have their own - available from your class Mentor daily/weekly)[/b] [b]You are The Ward:[/b] Gain the "Blast Shield" Medal 10 times. [b]Fist of the Traveler:[/b] Obliterate 100 enemies with Fist of Havoc. [b]Shaxx's Pride!:[/b] Gain five "Cry Havoc" Medals in the Crucible. [b]Put out their Eyes:[/b] Kill 25 enemies that you have blinded with your Flashbang Grenade. [b]Sticky:[/b] Kill 25 enemies by sticking them with your Magnetic Grenade. [b]Way of the Fist:[/b] Melee 25 enemies while Force Barrier is Active. [b]Discharged Storm:[/b] Kill 3 enemies with one Storm Fist Discharge, 5 times. [b]From the Brink:[/b] Heal yourself from Near-Death using Transfusion 25 times. Hopefully you're still with me! The next idea I actually saw here on the forums one day, but not in great detail - so I thought on it long and hard and fleshed it out in my head a little - below is the description for Reverse Strikes, or how I've liked to think of them - [b]Escapes and Rescues[/b]. [b]Escape Strikes:[/b] Basically, you play these Strikes in Reverse. The premise is that your fireteam has either been pinned down after completing a strike. So with the Summoning Pits for example, you’d begin in Phogoth’s Room, with Phogoth dead – but still a horde of Hive trying to kill you. The fireteam fights all the way back to the entrance of the Hellmouth, but it is not a direct mirror of the strike, you’d be fighting different enemy types on the way back out, and at different times. Perhaps you could take the same entrance you used when entering, or – perhaps you’d have to take the back exit. [b]Rescue Strikes:[/b] If however, the Fireteam entered to Rescue another Guardian (Npc) then perhaps that guardian acts as a sort of Relic. One Fireteam member must carry the wounded Guardian all the way to a medical ship waiting at the entrance of the Hellmouth before that Guardian loses what little Light remains in them (Acts like an sort of enrage timer almost, where if they die - mission ends [wipe]). The fireteam must then defend the dropship while the wounded is loaded on board. Perhaps there might be a part of the strike where you need to recover the Guardian's half-dead Ghost, which is off the beaten path - and doing so is a risk because of the timer, but doing so will give you a reward/reputation boost at the end. Perhaps one team member would need to split off and go solo to get the Ghost and rejoin the rest of the team at the end for the glorious crescendo of defensive violence, just in the nick of time! Lastly, as a little Bonus idea/request - I think a [b]Hard Mode Patrol[/b] would be nice to have. All enemies on all worlds are Max level (they don't all have to be Majors, keep the same amount of majors to avoid farming) and open Patrol up to Six player Fireteams. Would certainly make going on Patrol feel less like a walk in the park and more like a "I need to be careful, I am in enemy territory - and they know it." These are just a few ideas I've had of late, and I just wanted to share them all with you. Thanks for sticking around if you made it to the end! Good luck fighting the Darkness Guardians! -Muz out.

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