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Is there something wrong with my parakeet? Please help!

So today (5/17/15) my parakeet kept making the same sound like she has her nail stuck in a blanket (like shes in pain sound) but shes on her perch and there's no visible signs. Also when she did these sounds she would pek on the bottom of her back near her tail and it would be the same place and then she would fly around in her cage. I thought maybe theres a bug so i gived her a bath and i thought i saw something small and red but i couldn't tell it could of been a bug or a small part of a seed she still had. After this she didn't do it as much but she still does it except she doesn't fly around in the cage so just incase i cleaned her cage too. She also makes a sound that i know means don't touch me (because i use to tease her) but no one is around her and no one is messing with her. When she does this sound i don't know if she's looking at herself in a mirror or shes being sensitive. I looked online and found nothing but i did find that when parakeets puff themselves it means there sick but she's been doing this for a long time and even her parents did it at times and there still healthy and alive today and i thought it was normal and she doesn't do it alot but at times. What should i do? Has anyone else experienced this?. Please help!.

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