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Editado por FromNowOn: 5/13/2015 5:16:38 AM

The most annoying thing on the forums...

is when people say: [quote]"[b]OMGGG CHECK OUT THE PERKS ON MY (insert weapon here) BROZ[/b]"[/quote] JUST -blam!-ING TELL ME WHAT THE -blam!- THE -blam!-ING PERKS ARE FOR -blam!-S SAKE If [i]you[/i] are too lazy to copy/paste or list them for us, why do you think [i]we[/i] are any less lazy?!? I [u]do not[/u] want to take the time to open your profile, [scoff at your g-score, scrub lol jkjk], open your gear, scroll to your heavies, open your J-Hammer, and examine your perks. I simply [b]will not[/b] do this.... EVAAARR /rant

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