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Missing DLC content

Still missing my sparrow ev 30 tumblr that was given to those who bought the season pass, or any of limited or ghost edition. It has been over 3 months and I have patiently waited. I only just got the last of my exclusive ghost edition DLC in February-March so I assumed it was the same thing with the sparrow but honestly it is quite annoying that I get things piece by piece or not at all. I purchased the Ghost Edition, 2 actually as one was for my cousin, right out of the box I had trouble getting my exclusive content. First I got my ghost shell about 2 weeks later after redeeming, the next thing was my ship and that was not until December and just in February I received the exclusive inner circle emblem. That is a 6 month wait to receive 3 DLC items that should have been available from moment I redeemed the code. I can be pretty patient but after waiting now 4 months for my sparrow I am quite annoyed that 4 items have taken a combined 9 months so far, and I still don't have the last exclusive item. All of that combined with the fact that the first 4 months was a pain to stay connected would have been plenty for most people to call it quits, but like I stated I like to give benefit of the doubt when it comes such things however as a loyal bungie fan I simply want what I was entitled to. Appreciate any help from anyone, there has been no way for me to contact anyone from bungie and honestly I have not had the reason to as I have just hoped that after every log in my items would be there but perhaps 4 months is the most I am willing to tolerate.

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