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5/8/2015 5:49:33 PM

Destiny Weapon Selector (PVE for now...)

Hello all readers! For the past week in my programming class I have been creating a Destiny Weapon Selector. This post might be long so I'll include a link to the application here [url=]The Program[/url]! [b]Overview:[/b] The goal of this program is to select a gun for you based on your play style preference in PVE. When using the program you rank stats based on which one you want more. The program will then go through the database of guns and find a balance for you to use! This is an open source project and if you would like to contribute to this project to make it more versatile, fork the project then create a pull request! [url=]Source Code[/url] [b]Bugs:[/b] Every program has bugs, and that being said my goal is to minimize the amount. If you find any bugs when using this program please reply, and I promise to fix them ASAP! Known Bugs: *Duplicate items on tied weapons *Double-Clicking to show input Suggestions/Plans: Some plans I have for this program are: *Integrate PVP Stats (spreadsheet found under useful links in this subreddit) *Make suggested items based on what the user has in their inventory *Loadout Creator - allows players to create a loadout from weapons selected *Add a selection for armor and integrate perks If you have any more suggestions please let me know I am open to hearing your guys' ideas!

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