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Are you excited for the new sidearms? thoughts? Comments?? A good example of people jumping to conclusions about a weapon... *Ahem* gjallarhorn week 2....give it a chance guys and gals, then you can judge it. Edit: what if each faction got their own sidearm weapon to sell? ________________________________________ Edit: just to clear up any confusion, there's two new sidearms that have been revealed so far. The one above and this one: ________________________________________ [Post Contributors] [b]icitnow[/b]: weapon perk image: [b]MannAV2[/b]: "It does 2k+ precision damage on 32 knights per shot in the stream using Vestian Dynasty. The impact is completely new to the damage till we get hands on experience. Basically like how low the impact on snipers looks like, but it does 7.5k precision damage. It's a brand new special weapon, so it has its own impact and its relation to damage."

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