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Ghosts Expanded (skins, perks, in-game effects, tools & more)

This topic is going to deviate from my others in that this one cannot be presented so as to take advantage of current programming which means that it would in almost all cases have to come as a DLC or in Destiny 2, however, it was among my list of things to present and has become a favored topic of conversation among those I run with, so I will bring it to light for the rest of you to contemplate, offer additional ideas and comments as well. I hope you enjoy! Currently our little companions serve little purpose other than to operate devices and return us to life when we are alone, to offer inane comments that appear to be unaware of current situations, or to transport us into and out of our ships. This project takes them towards a level of inclusion that makes them not only invaluable, but in some cases a cool partner to have around. None of the naming conventions or effect details presented are to be interpreted as the only or best way to do as they may suggest, but are here for ease in comprehension of an idea, or to generate other thoughts based on the examples provided. As with my other topics I will not get into conversations about the details, but will gladly communicate on replies that are based on the idea behind the subject. So let’s begin. FIrst let me explain how you would get one of these new Ghost templates. These would be random drops at the end of a new raid or event, the subject of which would be locating and gaining control of the first Ghost and its programs. Eventually I will give this raid the depth of description it deserves, but for now, and for sake of space I will only outline it. Once you complete the raid you will be, or have a chance to be, awarded one of several Ghost templates from the list below, in time you could collect and choose to use any template in your inventory. The template is what will contain the programming key for the perks and tools that are presented in each. As an aside, in addition to these templates dropping, there would also be a chance to gain a new ghost shell to alter your ghost’s appearance, but that too will be detailed later. Edit: [i]Thanks for all the messages asking about this raid. (Along with all the likes for the topic) I should have the raid ready to post this weekend, possibly along with the next one in the series Clans Expanded.[/i] [b]Ghost Templates[/b]: Accessing your Ghost's templates is done by (for example) holding down the L3 button. Only one template can be in effect. The benefits of a template are removed when that template is overwritten by any other. Templates that have active perks (those that provide an in-game buff or effect) have a cool down period following usage to maintain balance. Those that offer UI or secondary screen for options or customization follow the same rules as accessing your inventory screen. Those that have more passive effects can be toggled on or off. These may not be noted in each entry, but should be understood as implied as appropriate to maintain balance and continuity. When possible some of these templates could be upgradable, allowing them to be improved as the Guardian and Ghost gain levels to maintain a measure of improving quality. [b]SitRep Ghost[/b]: This template allows you to access current data on your combat scores. Similar to, if not actually linked in with, the DestinyTracker information that is currently available to us. In effect a small window would appear in one corner of the screen and display pertinent information on your scoring for both PVE and PvP scenarios. [b]Sonar Ghost[/b]: This ghost would provide an audible cue whenever an enemy is closing in on you which is not directly ahead of you. Something akin to the motion tracker sounds many of us are familiar with. Some people have mentioned adding in vocal responses “watch your back”, “we have movement on the left”, but this might be a little more coding than can be done easily and could become just as annoying as the ever present and immutable music. [b]iGhost[/b]: Does anyone remember the Live Action Trailer “Give me something classical”? This ghost can access your consoles music playlist (ie: Wipeout) and provide an alternative to the current score or help set the mood for you when you’re up to your arse in waves of enemies and would like something inspiring to listen to. [b]Salvage Ghost[/b]: This template adds small icons or indicators to your mini-map to indicate the location of recoverable materials (Spinmetal, etc.) and actually aids in their acquisition by providing a boost to what you get from them. [b]Vanity Ghost[/b]: Accessing this ghost lets you (by virtue of a slider or selection tool) alter the colors, tones and tints of your current gear. This Ghost also lets you salvage gear you find for the style, destroying the piece and creating a library of gear/weapon styles that can be used to replace the current style of the gear you are using without replacing the stats. The Ghost's style library can be increased (in sets of 5, to 25 max for example) to accommodate more styles by leveling it up - Style addition to this suggested by [b] Danorak[/b] [b]Cartographer Ghost[/b]: This helpful fellow opens up a map for the region you are in (fog of war in effect – you can only see what you have already explored) when accessed. It might also contain information on specific locations (tags) that you have already cleared. [b]Munitions Ghost[/b]: These handy little buggers allow you to carry more ammunition for your weapons and or influence drops of ammunition from opponents. The ammo packs would be usable thru a D-Pad function - as suggested by [b]Afgncaap7[/b] [b]Medic Ghost[/b]: This ghost template provides a boost to your healing when you are at 15% health even when under fire. It cannot maintain this for long and requires a period of time (cooldown) before it can assist you again. It starts out healing you, but upon leveling it adds another (nearest) player and at each new level adds another (next nearest) until it can cover a Raid team of six players. The healing could have a "max" amount that is thinned down the more guardians it is assisting, and of course would have the usual cool-down period of the others in its class. - group healing suggested by [b]xRIPKILLERx[/b] [b]Archivist Ghost[/b]: In-game access to the Grimoire cards is accomplished with this template as splash screens of cards can be read through its connection to your library. [b]Social Template[/b]: Want to give a thumbs up, appear to operate a keyboard, shake your head yes or no, motion someone over to you? This template opens up a tree of selectable e-motes for you to use. Other suggestions: [b]Countermeasures Ghost[/b]: This unit serves as a countermeasure to the Sonar Ghost template listed above, effectively masking the player from the sonar ghost's awareness and allowing a stealthy approach to the target. - [b][i]Lancer_206[/i][/b] [b]Combat Support Ghost[/b]: This battlefield enhanced unit can emit an EMP burst that disrupts the shielding of enemy targets that are adjacent to it. If the Guardian activate the ghost it will disrupt the shields that are within its proximity. However the unit cannot sustain combat and once used requires a period of time to recharge its internal battery. - [b][i]Raven1Fist[/i][/b] [b]Template Upgrades/Leveling[/b]: Once an offensive or defensive template has been acquired it contains an upgrade path similar to that found in the current gear and weapons allowing a player to unlock even more advanced perks. These perks might also include slight increases to the Guardians ability score. However this upgrade path requires the possession of a specific piece to complete it (similar to the helium/spinmetal/etc only in a singular form) that is usually found as a reward (drop) or purchased from Xur using the same currency as his other wares. - [b][i]slickpulla334[/i][/b] [b]Chameleon Ghost[/b] This sneaky shell once activated alters the appearance of the guardian to blend in with the landscape, providing a pseudo-invisibility as long as the guardian remains still (or at least is not seen moving) and is facing his enemy. The ghost projects onto the guardian a duplication of the image behind him. This has a disturbing effect when viewed from the sides, and is most effective from the front. The effect once activated lasts for several minutes and requires a cool-down to reactivate it - [b][i]withheld by request[/i][/b] [b]GoW[/b] [God of War][b] Ghost[/b] This battle hardened companion adds a random 5-15% damage boost to your selected weapon when fired from the hip, as well as a slight increase to your Melee speed. The GoW Ghost requires the typical cool-down once activated - Suggested by [b]yG6ll7[/b] The list could go on and on, but I think most of your not only get the idea, but have also come up with at least one or two templates of your own by now. The key here is for them not to provide anything that would unbalance the game, but instead that makes them a useful and intuitive tool to open up areas or functions that might otherwise be done but without the immersion this offers. Author's note: If you stumbled onto this topic and have not already read the previous two of this series here are the links to them. Other topics in the GKW's Expanded Series: [url=][b]Factions Expanded[/b][/url] [url=][b]Races and Classes Expanded[/b][/url] [url=][b]Clans Expanded[/b][/url] [url=][b]Activities Expanded[/b][/url] I hope that you if you find something you enjoy that you will like it, and if you have any thoughts, comments and suggestions you take the time to share them with us.

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