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5/3/2015 2:56:10 PM

Beta: UX and Structural Changes

I LOVE the new design approach. The app feels way more high quality now and is a joy to use. There are a few structural changes I would still like to propose. [quote]I am testing on a Nexus 5 on DE language.[/quote] [b]Friends-Leaderboard Feature Missing in Stats[/b] I remember being able to see a leaderboard for different activities. (highest points in Control match for example) My SO tells me that this is still available on her iOS version but not on the android version. This is a compelling feature that I would like to see. Players love to compare their skill / performance thus I think adding more competitive stats would be a wonderful addition. [b]Item Manager[/b] As you might have seen on reddit or other platforms this is the most used and wanted feature for our community. Sadly enough the destiny app is the place where the implementation needs most improvement the most. First of all the item manager should be independent from the player's guardian. Currently a player needs to switch between his guardians multiple times to find and transfer the item to his wished destination. The app with the best implementation I found was "" Please see screenshots of their UI here: This gives the user a good overview of all his great possessions with options to filter for what he's looking for. A click on an item directly allows the user to send it to any guardian without the need to move it to the vault first. (done by querying move to vault from A > move to character B in one event) [b]List Item Height[/b] The font on list items (eg. Advisor > Reputation) can be made smaller to show more items at once. At the moment there is quite a lot of scrolling needed to look through all items. Same goes for Font Size on onClick overlays. The big font combined with the small padding looks suboptimal. looking forward to hearing from you. best regards, KitsuneKyo

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