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Editado por S0ulBearer: 5/5/2015 2:56:41 PM

Silimar's Wrath is absolutely amazing, and a gorgeous gun.

The way it has massive amounts of recoil unless you waste two perks to calm it down...the way it does absolutely no damage unless you have glass half full so it does slightly more than no damage...the way it's a crucible earned gun that is absolutely useless in crucible. This gun is fantastic. This gun needs to be fixed. It's a unique gun that is absolute garbage but is gorgeous. Especially with the sight I have on it. With the new assault rifles coming in HoW, you need to take this gun and reconfigure it, not leave it as is as we all know you will with the old useless assault rifles. I feel bad for the guy you paid to design it who knew you would ruin it and waste his time since nobody would even look at the gun never mind bother to use it. And by buff it I do not mean to just buff assault rifles base damage back to what they were before. This gun needs to be reworked. Bring the RoF down, bring the impact up.

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