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Editado por Steelixite: 5/1/2015 1:05:37 PM

The cry baby who says "Nerf"

Seems to be a topic I always see at the top of the trending section in Destiny. All I have to say is YOU are the reason pvp is nothing more than handcannon and pulserifle (nothing wrong with pulserifles) session. You cried to bungie for a nerf on the assault rifles, you got it, who the hell uses an assault rifle anymore!? You see, YOU people complaining that "Oh this gun is OP, this class is OP," you are ruining the game. People like you are complain just about anything when you "don't have this gun," or "I got killed by this gun." I'm sick of it, quit complaining, the game doesn't constantly need nerfed. Solution: balance out the crucible gameplay with an Assault Rifle buff, or you know NERF all the guns and make them pea shooters. Expect mixed ways on the issue so let me see what you think... Let the issue be known to these "Nerfers"

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