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4/16/2015 10:35:35 AM

Exotic collector enthusiasts - Level 32, Now What?

To give Planet Destiny's topic [i]'' Level 32, Now What?'' [/i](Url below) an appropriate follow-up topic, let's create a topic for those players who (nearly ) own anything in the game. Be honest; We all like to show off the wonderful trophies and rewards we have acquired over the last 8 months, playing Destiny. 1. So which Exotics are you still missing? (Gear and weapons) 2. Which of those missing Exotics, are you absolutely dying for to have? 3. Which Exotics do you like best, because they are so freaking cool? 4. Which Exotics were the biggest achievement for you to aqcuire? 5. And; Which Exotics do you think are the absolute best? Ofcourse as TS, I'll start myself: 1. I'm still missing the weapons Thunderlord and Necrochasm, and I still miss the gearpieces Mask of the Third Man and the Radiant Dance Machines. The rest is in my possession! 2. That would be Thunderlord. I've wanted it since I first heard of it, being a rookie with 3-4 Exotics in total. I solely play Nightfalls for that Thunderlord nowadays. I've played with it over at a friends house a few weeks ago, and I was once more sold to everything the gun had (It even was unupgraded for god sake!). Praying for a drop, or Xûr to sell it tomorrow (or next week). 3. That would be a few of them. Thunderlord once again, is my number one. The shared number 2's on my personal ranking would be Truth, Monte Carlo, Hawkmoon, Invective and Red Death. For gear I would say; 1. Voidfang Vestments, 2. Obsidian Mind and 3. Helm of Saint-14. 4. That's going to be a tie between; Vex Mythoclast, Thorn and Pocket Infinity. All because I was specifically aiming to get them through the known way to get them (So naturally, they felt the most rewarding, when I finally got them). Thorn was my first Exotic ever, and it took me forever to get through that bounty. Vex took me about 10-15 Hard modes of VoG to obtain, and the Pocket Infinity bounty dropped the first time for me, after 15 Exotic Mentor Missive's (man, was my vault stacked up with blue Fusion Rifles for a loooong time). All other ones, were easy obtained, random drops, or sells from Xûr so they didn't feel that much extra special. (Except for the first Monte Carlo, which I got through a Legendary Engram) 5. Well there won't be too much discussion here (perhaps on the order of ranking) I'd reckon, but for me it's: 1. Ice Breaker 2. Gjallarhorn 3. Red Death 4. Hawkmoon 5. Thunderlord. And for gear (most likely a lot more discussion): 1. The Armamentarium 2. Achlyophage Symbiote 3. Light Beyond Nemesis 4. Ruin Wings 5. The Glasshouse. So what do you guys think? I reckon this is a nice subject to close TDB with, slowly entering the way to the HoW! I wish you the best, my fellow guardians!

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