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Moral Choices...... Where are they ? Would having Choices make Destiny more Engaging to YOU ?

NO ! It's all about the BANG BANG !


YES ! Choices, Decisions, Interactions - WANT IT !


Maybe... What kind of Choices would I get ?

10 ComplexPanda made a comment that: [b] " Actually it would be kinda cool to be a bad guy for a change." [/b] My response is that we don't have the choice or any option to be other than followers. [b]There are no moral choices to make in Destiny. [/b] If Destiny were reworked to offer players dialog choices, and moral choices with consequences and rewards attached would you be excited about that ? [b]Here's why NONE OF US get to play a bad guy ( or bad girl for that matter ).[/b] Guardians do not face the challenge of making moral choices. We've never been asked to think.....about having to spare an enemy's life...out of compassion, mercy, or just to keep them alive for interrogation later. To do that....we'd have to have dialog options.. Whoops. [b]NO DIALOG OPTIONS EXIST ![/b] Likewise, the storyline ( such as it is ) does not require Guardians to confront each other regarding moral choices made. Guardians are followers. We follow orders. Period. Everything we do in the game has been blessed by the Vanguard and we are given free rein and total absolution in using whatever force is necessary to wipe out the invaders. Want to use the Darkness against itself and risk spiritual corruption and physical pollution ? Go for it.The Speaker doesn't seek to punish you or penalize you in any way....except to voice a few reservations. Want to capture a Hive wizard, or Fallen Baron and use "enhanced interrogation methods" / torture to obtain priceless intelligence ? [b]DENIED ![/b]. Only NPC's like Ariana-3 can do that....and we only hear about that third hand. Think the Tower system sucks and want to rebel against the Vanguard and go rogue....? [b]WELL YOU CAN'T ![/b] You're down for the hood.... you've been revived....and probably been mind altered to be an obedient little guardian. Now get out there and kill some more of the designated enemies ! Other NPC Guardians are out there risking body and soul and making questionable decisions that could lead to victory - or catastrophe, but those decisions are apparently too big, too demanding, and out of reach of players. We can only wonder at the moral choices and life and death decisions that destroyed Toland the Shattered, and left Eris a shuddering, muttering, raving survivor who is both enlightened and consumed by the Darkness. No one in the game cares if you have an opinion or point of view about the Struggle. No NPC in the game cares that we're lost in the storyline, or cares to give any background ( except Eris ). Although the Factions of New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, the Reef, The NINE, and the Trinary Star Cult are out there....we see no actual disputes, are not asked to take a side, and suffer no consequences for choosing one over another. There is absolutely NO DRAMA, no conflict and everyone is one big happy Tower family. [b]Who could imagine that life in the LAST CITY ON EARTH...would be so peaceful, domestically tranquil and free from tough decision making and Existential Angst ? [/b]

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