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4/13/2015 11:35:07 PM

Changing elemental weapons and orbs

Hello I have some ideas and I think they are really nice to be honest. I have been bored for quite some time now and it bothers me that some of the most powerful rockets are solar. Jellybean, hunger of crota, dragons breathe and it made me think about a good tool. What if xur or other vendor sold the "(add the elemental here)upgrade" EXAMPLE "arc upgrade" 1) it can be used to make one elemental or non elemental weapon into a DIFFERENT element for a short amount of time or Or OR if yall could maybe even considered it to make it permanent that be cool too. For example we have to do the nightfall, it's arc burn, u don't have arc rockets, u go to a vendor, but the think use it for your jellyhorn and bam u have 30minutes until it changes back. Part 2 Orbs Idk if yall would consider this one a good one but I think it's decent. When you're doing a strike or just anything some friends drop orbs and sometimes u just wanna make a chain, one after another doing supers or something, be strategic right and sometimes those orbs ain't enough. So what if.... WHAT IF the orbs that you drop are the same elemental(color) u drop and whoever grabs them gains an additional more energy if he or she is using the same element?Wouldn't that be something? If youre read and like my idea i would like to for you to hashtag #elementalupgrades or #elementalorbs thank you for reading

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