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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Which class is superior for defending the tower and pushing back the enemy?

Warlock (Knowledge is power, Voidwalker)


Hunter (I live among my enemy, Bladedancer)


Titan (Chaos is my friend, Striker)


The enemy has finally breached the tower in an attempt to take over. Gaurdians are fighting together to push back the hoard, but which one is more effective at eliminating the enemy and defending the tower? In this scenario, assume all enemies are coming (Cabal, Hive, Fallen, and Vex). While all classes can eliminate these enemies, which one does it best and could hold out the longest, wave after wave. The selections provide the only subclass you will have avaliable, so choose wisely and explain why they would be more efficient. One extra note, lore is in full effect, which mean enemies are fighting each other as well.

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