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Editado por XoXJulietteXoX: 4/6/2015 11:29:26 PM

Anyone else tired of the same cloaks, bonds, and marks!?

COME ONE BUNGIE, IT'S BEEN 4 MONTHS OF THE SAME STUFF. This game was supposed to be customizable, and the only thing I can change is the ugly ass cloak my Hunter is wearing, but it's the same few for the past 4 months! Where's the change!? Why not add new articles for our Characters to the Vanguard, the Speaker, and all the factions!? Why the same BS every single day, not a single change in 4 months. I know, they will update with the DLC. That's bogus. It should change when the reset happens, OR when they say it will update at such and such time. [b]I ALSO WANT PINK.[/b]

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