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4/3/2015 12:30:23 AM

Destiny Pc version?

Something that has been bugging me for a while, why isn't Destiny on Pc? Now dont give me it would ruin the game because it wouldn't in any big way, infact it would improve the game, here's why i think destiny would be better on Pc. Modding: One of the best things about pc is the modding, and imagine destiny a game that gets alot of hate because of its lack of content, with modding support it wouldn't be a problem, no im not talking about weapons or armor (Imagine Gjallahorn that was a auto rifle, Mmmm hmmmm) im talking about maps and vehicles one thing about destiny aswell is that it has only three vehicles (Including the sparrow) and imagine modding the game so it had about 60, yeah 60 alot. (How much would this Cost Bungie, Only the modding kit would cost bungie, to make everything else is left down to the community) Graphics: No doubt about it, Destiny is a beautiful game and suffers because of the consoles limitations, but with Pc we could have 1440p or even 4k with 60 fps max AA and lots more, my pc could probally reach 1080p 60fps where as the console's can only make it up to 1080p 30fps. (720p 30fps if your on last gen) Dedicated community servers: Bungie don't want to use lots of money to host servers for a Pc version? Dont worry bungie, your community can host there own servers or even use stuff such as Peer to Peer if you have to but with your community hosting servers you dont need to drop much money into the game's servers unless there is low server populatuion. You could also have your own custom games and choose to play with friends. (P.s. If you think this could exploit the RNG System then just disable drops for custom games) Pc gamers dont like destiny?: I dont know if this is true or why (I would buy this game for pc at £30 if it had mod support £15 without mod support.) with mods this could change some opions such as low content. Borderlands 2 is still quite popular on pc over 10,000 players still playing on Steam. Porting is hard or cost's too much?: I dont think porting would be too hard (Correct me if im wrong) or cost's too much since bungie should allready have the files for the game and they would only really have to bug test. Wait! What about all the cut content, pc players will find out about it and make it a mod!: Two things, one, we all ready know about the loads of cut content so theres no hiding it and most of your fans dont really care too much (I care because its kinda cheap but im just one guy) Two, Wouldn't it be illeagle to do that? Also people on console's have allready found ways of getting the dlc without paying and if your really that worried remove the files from the game or something i dont know bungie would have to think of something. (P.s. The Dlc doesn't have any propper a.i. so this wouldn't matter too much) Steam, Steamworks and Steam Workshop: Steamworks would be a nice little addition and with VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) would help against hackers, Steam workshop for modding, and you would be easyer to find servers with Steamworks. (You could also have your own modding kit on steam) Offline mode: One thing that really annoying is that you MUST be online to play and that sucks for pc players (Its even annoying on console sometimes) who like going solo, make an offline mode, but because you wouldn't want explointing you would want to limit it. (For E.g. You cant upgrade, unlock, level up, or find anything in offline mode or play any strikes.) Why? What's in it for us?: Money, what do you think? this game would or should earn profit if sold at a reasonable price (Maybe £20 - £30 on steam) with mods and an offline mode. Bungie don't make Pc games?: Funny you would say that since bungie started out on Mac, then pc, it would be nice to return to what you started with. (Also Halo was originally comming to Mac untill Micro$oft came into the picture.) Bungie don't like Pc cause of Micro$oft: Micro$oft wouldn't earn any money cause of this, if this game was on steam it would be Valve, Activision and Bungie making money, not Micro$oft. Dosn't suit a keyboard?: Anything can suit a keyboard and if we don't like it, we rebind it... With different keys. Or just plug in a 360 controller or something. Clans, Fireteams and other stuff: With Pc you wouldn't have to move over or just go on a website to do all this clan stuff it could just be put into the game, and joining fireteams could be much easyer in some ways, and the grimoire cards could be implamented as well. Destiny would have so many nice things in a Pc version, when us Pc player were told we were NOT getting Halo 3 alot of us Halo and Pc Fans were Very dissapointed and angry. Yes you have probally been asked this at least a couple of times before but i would just like it on Pc since i find Pc so much better then console's and like i said, it would kill the lack of content thing make it a game about becoming a true legend. As the back of Destiny's box says [quote][b]Defeat our enemies, Explore new worlds.[/b] [u]BECOME LEGEND[/u][/quote] And that Explore new worlds could be done very easily with a modding community, allow us to create our own stories and explore our own worlds. Please dont deny us Destiny on Pc for a stupid reason its one of the games that i would love to see pc and its NOT a exclusive. Thank you for taking your time to read. This could make Destiny a very good pc game and turn those 6/10 reviews to 8/10 or 9/10.

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