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WORLD FIRST CROTA KILL by a PLAYER useing his FEET (Sword Bearer)

He is my brother and he has Cerebral Palsy and he can't speak or use his hands well to play games so he uses his feet, let me tell everyone he wanted to play video games badly and do everything else like everyone else in this world so he tried and tried again till he found a way that worked good for him. We sat down today and tried for hours to get this crota kill for him and we finally did it. He has been wanting to do the sword on crota for some time now but he wasn't sure he would be able to do it but i told him i would stay home ALL day until he does it, and sure enough after a couple hours later we got it!! Great job Derek AKA ( lx_Tks_xl ) i am proud of you!! I hope this is something bungie looks at because he loves their games and he typed to me he would love to see his video on their page showing off his skills!! We are trying to take Derek to Disney if anyone would like to help the link is below!! Thank you EVERYONE for their amazing feedback!! We love you all Guardians! Even if you can't help out at least share the post on FACEBOOK please! Follow Us on twitter!!!

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