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3/27/2015 12:47:56 PM

PS3 Clan Recruitment

"The second curtain" is looking for new clan members. Preferably members with mics. We've beaten the raid multiple times, nightfall strikes, daily strikes, queen missions, crucible, iron curtain etcetc. Here for fun and leveling. There are only a few requirements: 1) please have a mic. If you dont, then just confirm you can hear people when they talk. ((Teamwork is essential for raids and lvl 30 strikes) 2) dont abuse your mic ((dont be annoying please)) 3) respect other clan members. 4)have fun. Please visit the clan page of "The Second Curtain" if interested, and let me know what you need to accomplish. The clan will do everything it can to help you. We're also not focused on one game mode. We play all modes and matches. We'll help with any mission or bounty you need. Clan name may change multiple times throughout the day for humor, but will always change back by the end of the day. Name changes will occur depending on where I am and who I'm playing with. If you would like a certain clan name to appear under your name, just let me know and ill change it just for you for a short period of time all in the name of fun.  Please note that even though this clan is not one of the more serious clans that expect you to be on 24/7.We do in fact know what we are doing. For ex: We've Beaten the raids in under 2 hrs with the final boss taking only 8 mins on the first attempts. We've beaten nightfall strikes on first tries. We've taken out full teams with 2 men short while doubling the opponent's score in the crucible. We'll let you shoot us in the face 20 times in rumble to help with crucible bounties. We know what we're doing and we know how to help.  Join and become elite, join and laugh, join and have fun. Bottom line... join. If you don't like us then leave us.  One final rule... No Drama plz. We're not here to yell at one another. If a plans not working then change the plan, not get upset and take it out on others.  And no know it alls... they're the most dramatic of em all. Help and inform, not take charge and talk down to others.  Looking forward to working with you. Use the link above to join up.

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