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3/22/2015 5:39:24 PM

Should Orbs of Light not be generated in PVP

During this most recent Iron Banner I have run into several teams that have are constantly using supers. Since every time you get a kill with a super you generate an orb of light every super kill feeds the supers of your team which leads to everyone quickly using their supers again and again, this is especially the case with the defender titian class. The way I view a super in pvp is like a kill streak reward from COD since they provided an advantage to you or your team, or they are an almost guaranteed kill and while yes those kill streaks rewards did boost someone to their next reward they did not do it for any member of the team. I personally think that the orbs of light set up situations where one team will be constantly using supers to decimate an enemy who has little to no chance of fighting back since while supers can be dodged or avoided it is difficult. I think the orbs of light should be removed from PVP only and your super bar just charges over time or when you get a kill. Does anyone else see this problem or have I just been unlucky with matchmaking.

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