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3/8/2015 1:54:34 PM

How The F*ck Did You Pass High School?

I can't f*cking take this anymore! I have to study alot of time? What the f*ck!? Now wait a minute, here, if you want to pass, you need to get 60% atleast, and the teaching system is hard as f*ck! So I was getting 95%-100% in junior high, now I study 5 times more and get 80%-90%, yeah I know 80%-90% is good, but when I hit 11th grade my grades will go down and admit it, no one wants to finish school like an idiot with low grades. For f*ck's sake it pisses me off, I can't do anything with my life except for studying. Do you mind sharing how did you pass high school, and how frustrating your life was? Or give me some advice to make me feel better?

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