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Editado por dazarobbo: 3/18/2015 5:31:12 AM

A Roc please sir, hold the cheese.

Just finished playing some strikes from the Roc playlist and was amazed at the number of players cheesing certain sections. [i]Archon Priest[/i] Players sniping from the cliff or on the ketch while clearing the 3 waves of vex. Players sniping the boss from up on the cliff. [i]Nexus[/i] Players staying up on the ledge or in the cheesing spot during the boss fight. [i]Phogoth[/i] Players sniping from the shrieker room, never really being able to contribute seeing as how the rest of us have him aggro'd down the other end of the room. Why do people do this? Is it laziness, or just old-fashioned scrubbery? Funnily enough, these players usually finished with less than half as many kills, yet were consistently awarded the best loot. "Oh look, you got 33 kills, have a Mida Multi Tool". "What's that, sir? You were dead most of the strike? Legendary Engram". *Shakes fist at sky* "Curse you RNG! Curse you.

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