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Destiny 2: lore master, is it a good idea





In the latest version of game informer (magazine) there was an article on destiny 2. Giving away the arrival of a 4th class but a class with no attack only the ability to talk about the current events of the battle and is needed to reach lvl 40, but this would not be a good idea because let's say you are raiding and you have a lore master or two now instead of six you have four, which will make it a lot hard. Or let's say I'm doing the nightfall with two others but I'm a lore master and now the other two are two manning a nightfall, it wouldn't work. It's not all a bad idea but don't make a main class, maybe a subclass or an attribute to the ghost or when a guardian is "down" they can be told what is happening. Just not a class without an attack maybe even make it a super that just tells everyone what is happening that can be used after "guardian down" like fire born (self resurrect). Maybe it can even respect him when a certain perk is unlocked. It could also not counts fire team member so that you could still have 3 people fighting but 4 in the fire team Comment your opinion and any ideas you might have. Two more questions : when is "wizard moon day" Is the lore master a joke

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