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Would you like an option to opt out of matchmaking (illustrated)?

I'd like to opt out of matchmaking. The OP is fine


I'd like to opt out but have addiional suggestions


I don't think opting out should be an option


Neither option affects me


Just trying to gauge how many folks out there would like to see the option to start the weekly heroic strike with less than three people, and have that option expand to the strike playlist. As far as roster invites go, both for Heroic and Playlist, it would work like before the update for heroic: if you changed your mind and wanted to invite people in, you'd have to do so from your roster. Vote likewise and write out your reasons and suggestions, thanks. For an explanation of how the option works, look at image. If you have questions and want clarification, post them as well. [b]EDITS:[/b][spoiler]1. If you're going to choose the second option, please list the suggestion you are proposing. Pretty sure there aren't 38 posted suggestions. 2. Good job on keeping things constructive with the pros and cons on the suggestions and comments on the thread, guys. Keep it rolling! 3. Some things you may already know about strikes: --it was possible to log into Weekly Heroics strikes without matchmaking whatsoever in the past (but because MM wasn't an option there) --if you set your fireteam to "Invite Only" after someone disconnects, the strike does not match you with a new player --it has been stated by bungie staff that nightfalls do not have MM due to it bouncing players to orbit upon failure 4. I went with the simplest possible solution, and only Bungie knows their technical limitations and how to work around them (e.g. vault item swapping without going to tower was resolved via access), so improvements or suggestions on the basic idea is open for exploration 5. Try to be as throughout with your suggestions as you can, like option placement, how the option can and cannot be used, why it is a better option, and possible limitations (e.g., on the initial suggestion, limitations are that you have to cancel the playlist and relaunch it if you want to switch between matchmaking and opted-out)[/spoiler] [b]Player Suggestions:[/b] [quote][b][url=]lWadsl[/url][/b] I would love to have an option to opt out of matchmaking. But instead of inviting from your roster or returning to orbit to open matchmaking why not add that option to the roster screen itself? [...] If it were me I would add in a "button" like the fireteam status. Where you select fireteam open, friends only, invite, or closed. I would add a second "button" near it for "Matchmaking open" and "Matchmaking closed".[/quote] [quote][b][url=]Ne0nK0ala[/url][/b] [I]n terms of use ability or in terms of actually working, it would have to be something you select before launching, maybe like the continue/ restart buttons, but for the large button, so you could basically have two launch buttons instead of one, one to launch with matchmaking and one to launch without, that would be the most useable placement.[/quote] [quote][b][url=]Rafalski[/url][/b] Dont like it. No triangle button on my controller ;-)[/quote] [quote][b][url=]EatenChicken6[/url][/b] But then is there a host who decides if there is or isn't matchmaking. Only problem I could see with this option. So maybe just choose at the beginning like the illustration showed it would cause problems if you could toggle it.[/quote] [quote][b][url=]VyersReaver[/url][/b] Dat illustration doe. Has to be a gif.[/quote] [spoiler]I'll add more edits as I read other comments. Feel free to post "awesome" illustrations. Also, props to Rafalski: shouldn't be a PS exclusive xD[/spoiler]

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