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3/16/2015 7:37:49 AM

Crota hard mode extra exotic drop chance

I need to know if there if indeed an extra exotic drop chance at the end of crota hard. I have personally seen someone get 2 ghorns from this and I have personally gotten the truth and dragons breath and a couple of other extra exotics simply by waiting until the game kicks us to orbit to the activities screen. Is this some type of glitch that just favors the players who choose to stay or is this by design and bungie just didn't make it public knowledge? I don't want to start a rumor but.... It is already going around and as I didn't actually start it, I want to find the real answer. I have also seen someone get the crux and then after we went to orbit, they got a dragons breath (2 exotics from 2 separate sections of the raid at the end that are NOT the death singers). I need more info on this as I don't want to spread false information, nor do I want to lose out on extra exotics. Someone from Bungie NEEDS to answer this please.

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