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3/13/2015 8:38:26 PM

Ghost shells Deej!

Hi there Destiny bros/gals and hopefully Deej. I just wanted to ask the community if they want some cool new ghost shells as much as I do? I was hoping I could get a response from Deej if the game devs are working on putting some new ghost bling into the games since they made space for it in the inventory and you can literally see other ghost shell designs on the dead ghosts and on the package pickup in the Tower. I like my Frontier shell but I know a lot of people would appreciate the ability to customize their own little companion with some cool new color schemes. Plus how awesome would it be to get some raid gear looking ghost shells!? Vex shell or Hive shell? You know you want to see what that looks like people! So please, if you guys out there also want to get some sweet designs added to your little light buddy then get Deej to look at this and send some feedback! Sincerely, A ghost friendly guardian.

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