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3/2/2015 8:13:47 PM

Thou Holiest of Clans seeks thee Worthy for Fellowship

[i][b]Are thoust worthy to wield thy holy matrimony of hand and grenade?[/b] Are thoust worthy to gather sword and shield to defend the monarch at any Discipline? Thoust must be curious as a jester, for such a band of melancholic heroines is right around the fjord! [b]Behold thy Holy Clan of thee Hand Grenade![/b] Thoust most righteous and worthy clan in all thy land! Rulers of Prime and ousters of old weep to our great power! [b]God thyself has decreed to our righteous cause[/b]! With the teachings of Monty the Great from Pythonea we bask in ancient creed! If thoust desire a holy light in thy bosom, then feel thy bosom upon thoust bosom and proceed to grasp our bosom. In other menial words weast always need new Bosoms to join our larger, more congenial bosoms to suckle our clan leader's (SnowPiercer95) teet.[/i] [i]Accepting new Bosoms today![/i]

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