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Hablemos de Destiny.
Editado por Joney000: 2/22/2015 6:37:51 PM

Destiny: Rated M?

Would've been delicious


It's fine the way it is


Who cares, you psychopath


I like turtles


With an M rating, Destiny could've had much more satisfying kills. Sure, some enemies explode when killed with headshots and have other similar effects, but I would've liked something more. Imagine stepping over that annoying shotgun camper's helmet fragments and brains after landing four precise shots from your powerful scout rifle. Or having knights start drooling and screaming as they charge you when enraged. If they do manage to kill you, your body will be ripped to shreds, and they will cheer drenched in your blood. There could've been moments that were extremely suspenseful- think gorgon maze, but much more extreme. I would've liked to have seen limbs ripped off of enemies when delivering a killing blow on a target with a high impact sniper. And a large blood splatter effect when using weapons that overpenetrate enemies. Also, if you're hear to say something like "why don't you go play an M rated game then" Save it. Strictly Destiny. Edit: So over half of voters agree. "I like turtles" is actually a popular option. Who knew.

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