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2/17/2015 4:17:42 AM

Crucible Control Map: Blind Watch Needs Fixing AGAIN

I Have Noticed These Issues Too


I Haven't Noticed These Issues Ever/In a While


Just Push Forward Guardian


Ok, so recently Bungie fixed the map Blind Watch so the people that spawn on C side won't have a huge advantage. Whoever spawns at C side now has the biggest advantage in the world. Everytime I play Blind Watch and I spawn on A side... I LOOSE. Not once have I ever won a match where I start off on A side! Issues That I Have Noticed -Spawns are messed up. As the enemy takes A Flag, me and a few other teammates spawn SO CLOSE to A Flag, and the spawn doesn't even switch. As A Flag is being captured, Enemies still spawn at C side and we still spawn at A side. As my team takes C side, we still spawn back at A side!!! -Whoever spawns at C side has the biggest advantage. The people who spawn at C side can just hang back while the people at A side struggle to capture B. Whenever I see this map I leave, unless I start of on C side. It either may just be my skill level, but check out my KD. I've had great KDs (averaging at about 25+ kills a game with an average 1.5 - 2.0 KD each game). Playing a match spawning at A side just doesn't even matter. I'd just leave... Unless loosers get 3 marks and winners get 4 instead...

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