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Content Transfer Issues (Frontier Shell/Valkyrie-05X)

I preordered the Collector's Edition of Destiny on PS3. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game thus far, but I (and many other players) experienced a slight hiccup when switching to the PS4. The Frontier Ghost shell, Valkyrie-05X ship, emblems etc. did not transfer because I bought the standard version of Destiny for PS4. I didn't see a reason to purchase the Collectors edition a second time. I have these items on my Guardians but cannot equip these items. I can go back on the PS3 and access these items with no problem. I have invested a considerable amount of time and money into the game and would like this minor problem to be fixed. Before offering suggestions, I have researched the issue extensively. I have renewed the licenses, empty the cache on my PS4, and tried re-entering my code that came with the PS3 Collectors Edition. In my research I have also found that I am not the only one with this issue. Please help me and everyone else that upgraded to a next generation console by allowing us to use this content. Thank you for your time. Feedback is very much appreciated. EDIT/SOLUTION: I went to Activision's website to the Code Support Help for Destiny. There you can find a form to fill out. You must provide your gamer tag, date, original code, and receipt. You will also need a Bungie account ID number. All of this is clearly explained on the website. If you can present this proof that you paid for the Limited Edition Content then they will send you a new code. I want to thank Bungie, Activision, and all those who responded. I appreciate you taking the time to sort out this issue. Hopefully this is helpful to others who have this same issue. Good luck!

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