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2/10/2015 7:15:37 AM

PS3 and PS4 clan "Cryztal Guardians"

We're a 1 month old clan, and with that being said WE are looking for talented, skilled, good, or easy going guardians. Here is what we offer: *We're holding and have clan competitions, so you could win prizes. We're holding a Clan Competition for this week since it is Valentines Weekend. So be sure to join in! *We have weekly raiders, nightfallers, etc. Looking for more to join in and make new groups. *We want an alliance! So if you have a group that wants into our competitions or has similar interests, send the request! *100+ Members, so you know. *1 more admin spot open! *Recruiting active, loyal, talented, funny, skilled, etc players. *Giveaways *Facebook group for facebookers *Friendly community *Can play with us on other games! ________ We also have tons of other features like we make Videos or will help you make videos, shareplay, and tons of other features. Just ask me or another admin. But with that being said, please join our group if you see anything in the section that you're interested in. Alright? Awesome have a great day and night! -JONZEYYY

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