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The Knights of Sol [KoS]

"Your back...covered, anywhere in the Solar System, and beyond."

If you are a +21yr-old, male or female Xbox One player with a mic; if you've tried LFG and it was ugly; if you have plenty of Xbox Live friends, but can never seem to get a whole raid party together; if you enjoy the experience of playing Destiny, versus the rewards, join the Knights of Sol! We are an elite cadre of warr...err...a small group of mature gamers looking for relaxed, like-minded players to play Destiny with. Most clan activities are on sundays-mondays-tuesdays, but clan members are on all week long.
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We are not striving for MLG. We do not abide rudeness or racism. We do not cheese (to excess). If any or all of this sounds like Destiny-style fun to you, then contact Zod the 1st.

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