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Formidable Stags [FS]

"We Are The Formidable Stags, We Are Warriors Of The Light!!"

Owner: XxGoldenMoosexx
Co Owner: GMG Wolf
Admins:PRIME RoBoTiC

Firstly we are a Newly founded clan. We have created this clan in hope that we can help people make the absolute most of their destiny experience. Secondly, we would like to explain from the offset that we will help new players this isnt a experienced only clan, we are friendly people who will help people complete the weekly challenges e.g raid, nightfall just drop us a message!
All that we require is:
1. You need to stay active!
2. Be prepared to ask for help(we won’t know otherwise)
3. Try to complete your personal clan XP.
4. Try to complete the weekly challanges.
e.g nightfall.
5. Have a working mic and be able to communicate with other clan members in a FRIENDLY manner.

All thats left to say is Welcome to Formidable Stags we hope u get a full, friendly and fun experience on Destiny!

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  • 5 miembros

  • Creado el June 26, 2017

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