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5/27/2024 12:09:12 AM

Bug: When summoning new members to fireteam using Fireteam Finder, some member are booted back to orbit

PLATFORM: Steam / Microsoft Store / Epic Game Store SYSTEM INFO: See Pastebin link: GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU ISP Provider/Speed (upload/download) / Connection Type (LAN or wireless): Wireless 300mbps upload/download speed ISSUE: When summoning a new team member using Fireteam Finder, once all players have readied up and after summoning countdown finishes, existing fireteam members get kicked back to orbit. REPRO STEPS: 1) Create a fireteam with two members 2) Start an activity with the two fireteam members 3) Once the activity is loaded, search for a new fireteam member using Fireteam Finder 4) Make sure all players in Fireteam Finder ready up 5) Summon fireteam using the "Summon" button in the Fireteam Finder menu ACTUAL RESULT: Once the countdown has finished, players inside the encounter will randomly be booted back to orbit. EXPECTED RESULT: New fireteam member should automatically join the existing fireteam in the encounter if joining is available. Otherwise, an error message should be shown. LINKS:

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