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12/13/2023 4:57:47 PM

Bug Report - Persistent Weasel & Anteater Error Codes

Platform: PC Connection: Wired Location: Ireland Since the scheduled maintenance that was carried out on the 5th of December (, I have been receiving Weasel & Anteater error codes multiple times per day, sometimes hourly. It is happening across all activities and in the tower. I have since tried the following to resolve this issue to no avail: - Full deleted the game and all related folders before reinstalling the game. - Updated all drivers. - Cleared Steam cache. - Signed out of all 3rd party applications. (DIM) - Signed out of the mobile companion app. - Tried playing on WiFi. - Replaced my router with a newer one. - Restarted my entire home network. Nothing has worked and I have seen multiple other people on this forum describe the same issue. Any further suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated as many of the games' activities are currently unreliable to play due to this issue. I have never had this issue in the past and have not seen it be acknowledged by Bungie as of yet, hence my making this post.

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