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9/9/2023 6:02:46 PM

Luminous Void Shader's "Fix" Actually Made It Worse

(Sort of a repost from a previous post because I think I made the last one in the wrong sub-forum) When the Hotfix came out and I noticed my Warlock's armor being Grey, I thought the shader was broken. Upon looking at the patch notes I saw that the shader was "Fixed". It is far from a fix, the change is a down-grade and I feel scammed. I bought the Luminous Void shader when it was still beautiful with Purple, Gold, and a Void effect on my armor. My Warlock looked AMAZING when the shader wasn't Black and Grey with minimal purple, like it is now. Bungie, PLEASE undo the "fix" you made to the shader in the latest update. I bought the shader because it looked phenomenal. It wasn't broken, it was beautiful. I want my Purple + Gold + Void aesthetic that the shader let me pull off. If I wanted Grey on my armor, I would use any of the following, to name a few: Shadow Gilt, Refined Revels, Skele-Ghaul, Tidesmoke, Amethyst Veil. I want my Purple + Gold + Void aesthetic that the shader let me pull off before the shader was "fixed" with the update.
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