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Editado por nvnez: 5/9/2023 6:41:19 PM

Cabbage, centipede, calabrese, weasel and others error codes

Once again, i'm here looking for answers. YES i have made sereval posts like this one, but didnt get any answers. Since the beginning of season 18 I have been receiving error codes too often during the course of the months. I've tried everything to fix this, opening and forwarding ports, resetting my internet modem to factory settings, calling my internet provider so they could configure the ports themselves, the ONLY thing the solved my problem was using an VPN, but i will not pay for and extra subscription to play the game (also, it ONLY happens when playing destiny 2). I'm loving the new season and the new DLC, but I'm desperate, there are days I just can't do a single activity completely. Please help me!! (centipede) (weasel)

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