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Editado por Faláfel: 4/12/2023 6:21:26 PM

Constant network errors

Hello! [url=]As per my previous post[/url] (which solved by itself after a day), this problem escalated and became worse. I've been encountering a decent amount of Anteater error codes in Crucible, however apparently that seems to happens to others. However, my situation became worse since this last saturday where I've been encountering persistent Cabbage and Currant error codes when loading into a zone or activity. After every few error codes, I then am able to load into an activity or zone. Sometimes I also encounter Centipede or "Destiny 2 servers are not available" on the startup screen, and "Voice chat is temporarily disabled" messages. At some point on Saturday, my NAT Type changed from Moderate to Strict suddenly, though I wasn't able to verify with tracert at the time to see what was the reason behind it. This issue would sort itself out as well after a few minutes of rebooting the router and game. I've contacted my ISP but no problems were found, and my router's settings weren't changed. I've been using wi-fi connection with my router that is placed 1m away from my computer. Any ideas on how to identify the problem and/or fix this issue?

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