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Editado por Steven-O Bird: 7/28/2022 4:32:33 PM

Constant disconnecting with WEASEL & ANTEATER

Since I've returned to Destiny 2 after one or two seasons (my last season was Season of the Splicer iirc), I've been facing constant WEASEL and ANTEATER error messages from time to time. There are times where I can play 1-2 hours straight without any issues, but sometimes I get a chain of disconnects. That recently happened during my first Vow of the Disciple run where I got disconnected four or five times (WEASEL & ANTEATER) and even got a crash that rebooted my PC (which might not be connected to Destiny 2, I am just mentioning it for the sake of completeness). I cannot say WHEN it is happening, but as soon as it starts occuring it follows the same pattern: I get two warnings saying "Contacting Destiny 2 servers", as soon as the third appears (or is supposed to appear), I get disconnected from the game with WEASEL and thrown back into login screen. I also get kicked out of the current activity and my current Fireteam (if I am part of one). The weird thing is: Everything is working fine, so no delay/lag that indicates that something could be wrong. When I log in back, I often face a single ANTEATER after 10-30 minutes. Fortunately, those errors just black screen me for a short time and bring me back to the current location or activity. Just a few minutes before writing this post, I got a BAT error during the second round of a Trials of Osiris activity. This finally got me writing this post. My network setup should be fine: - I am using a wired connection with 1gbps in speed, the router is approx. 5 metres away from my PC - My PC is the only device at home that Destiny 2 is played on - My router is configured to forward almost all ports to my PC (except from 80 and 443, but I highly doubt that those are needed to play since they are standard HTTP/S ports), both TCP and UDP ports listed in Bungie's [url=]advanced networking guide[/url] - I use Cloudflare DNS server in my router and PC - Other games involving networking (P2P and server-driven) work totally fine - BattlEye is whitelisted in my Windows Security and allowed in Windows Firewall (both directories, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye" and the one in my Destiny 2 installation managed by Steam); I've even enabled Firewall logging to confirm that nothing is interfering on my side - I've verified the game client for missing/invalid files multiple times, no issues there I live in germany and my ISP is Deutsche Telekom (DTAG), I have seperate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. I can't say for sure if IPv4 addresses are driven by Carrier-Grade-NAT (CGN) which might interfere networking in Destiny 2. But over about a year ago, I had zero issues regarding networking in Destiny 2. I would love to give more input, but since there are no kind of networking tests or anything in that direction, I am kinda helpless at this point. Any support is much appreciated. Best regards, Steven [u]EDIT 2022/07/25 1:15~1:20pm CEST:[/u] It just happened again in a round of trials. First an ANTEATER, followed by a BAT in a time frame of about 10-15 seconds. Got suspended from competetive PvP for now. Guys, this has been a big issue in the game for weeks now. Something should be done. [u]EDIT 2022/07/26 2:45am CEST:[/u] I've tried using a VPN to test if that improves my experience/fixes the issues - and yes it does. I've been playing for 3-4 hours straight with no single hiccup in networking. So it seems that the issue is somehow connected to the ISP - maybe something in routing? [u]EDIT 2022/07/28 6:30pm CEST:[/u] Yet another WEASEL because I didn't use VPN. The two days before, I was playing without a single disconnect thanks to VPN.

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