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10/3/2021 3:06:21 AM

Baboon, followed by Bat, Followed by Comp Ban

I was playing Comp, I got the error code Baboon out of nowhere. After a few seconds, it loaded back in, with me reviving with only 1 second left on the revive. About 5 seconds after that I get kicked to orbit with a Bat error. This happened twice in the span of 3 matches, resulting in a temp ban from the Competitive playlist. It is annoying. This happened a few times in the same way yesterday while running Iron Banner. I figured yesterday that it was some freak occurrence but after today I am not so sure. It is frustrating. I have never had connection issues that were not wide spread as well. To be clear, I am on a wired ethernet connection, with the speed test I ran after the second error tonight showing 18 ping and 330mbps download. Steam is up to date, as well as Destiny.

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