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An Update to

The forums on have just been updated. Did you feel a tremor?

Only a few revisions were made, but they could represent sweeping changes for how you access the discussion boards that we maintain to support a healthy debate about Destiny. Some of these changes are adaptations to the way third parties help us authenticate you as a user. Other changes are in direct response to your feedback. 

Check them out, and see if they impact the way you use the site.

  • Linking your account now has a simplified path
    • Manage on the Settings menu of your Profile page
    • Consult this Help article for guidance
    • Seek assistance in the Help forum
  • Google
    • In April, Google will become an unsupported login for
    • Alternate logins will need to be linked to your account
  • Microsoft
    • In March, Xbox friends will be visible on
    • All Microsoft accounts will need to be associated with a Gamertag (Silver or Gold)
  • PlayStation Network
    • No changes made
  • Facebook
    • No changes made

  • #Recruitment no longer requires an account linked to a PSN ID or a Gamertag to post
  • #Destiny and #Feedback still require an account in good standing linked to a PSN ID or Gamertag with player history in Destiny to post

The team is always working to make sure we have a nice place to hang. We're interested to know what you have to say, so share with us your feedback.
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