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Total Score
11646 21290
Prospector Catalyst
Defeat enemies using the Prospector.
Wardcliff Coil Catalyst
Defeat enemies using the Wardcliff Coil.
Tractor Cannon Catalyst
Defeat enemies using Tractor Cannon.
D.A.R.C.I. Catalyst
Defeat enemies with precision final blows while using D.A.R.C.I.
Colony Catalyst
Defeat enemies using the Colony.
Worldline Catalyst
Defeat combatants using Worldline Zero.
Sleeper Simulant Catalyst
Defeat combatants using Sleeper Simulant.
Secret Triumph
A mystery that you haven't yet unraveled.
Black Talon Catalyst
Defeat enemies using Black Talon.
Leviathan's Breath Catalyst
Defeat combatants using Leviathan's Breath. Defeating powerful Wrathborn with any weapon or ability will unlock this objective significantly faster.
803 / 1500
803 / 1500
Heir Apparent Catalyst
Defeat opponents using Heir Apparent.
511 / 700
511 / 700
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