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Vanguard // Companions
Different Kind of Guardian
Meet Suraya Hawthorne and her bird, Louis.
The Titan on Titan
Bring Zavala back from the moon Titan.
Got My 6
Bring Cayde-6 back from Nessus.
A Warlock's Pilgrimage
Bring Ikora Rey back from Io.
Gentleman Sniper
Meet Devrim Kay in the EDZ.
Meet Sloane on the moon Titan.
Of Two Minds
Meet Failsafe on Nessus.
The Tortured Scientist
Meet Asher Mir on Io.
The Lighthouse Keeper
Meet Brother Vance on Mercury.
Cursed with Prophecy
Meet the legendary Osiris on Mercury.
The Last Bray
Meet the rogue Hunter, Ana Bray.
The Tyrant
Meet the Warmind Rasputin in Hellas Basin.
Caught in the Web
Meet the Spider on the Tangled Shore.
Royal Wrath
Reunite with Petra Venj in the Reef.
Dangerous Game
Meet the Drifter.
Curator of the Black Armory
Meet Ada-1 in the Tower.
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